Krieg School Denver – A HEMAA Affiliate was proud to host Rocky Mountain Krieg 2017,  a HEMA Alliance sponsored event, Colorado’s first international historical European martial arts tournament.

Join us next year for exciting workshops with renowned instructors from around the U.S., as well as the chance to face off in fencing tournaments against some of the best talent in the American west. Check out our Facebook event here for updates.

Below are a list of 2017’s winners. Check back often for updates to the event in 2018!

Single Rapier:

1st Place– Tom Matthews
2nd Place– Joshua Alan Gilbrech
3rd Place– Samuel Ross
4th Place– Tim Davis
Technical Award– Tim Davis

Rapier & Dagger:

1st Place– Ben Floyd
2nd Place– Adam Simmons
3rd Place– Tim Davis
4th Place– Doug Bostic
Technical Award– Adam Simmons

Open Longsword:

1st Place– Aaron Karnuta
2nd Place– Tim Davis
3rd Place– Ben Floyd
4th Place– Jay Voris
Technical Award– Cody Fox

Coached beginners LS:

Gold – Jarrett Ebersberger
Silver – Kaitlin McCall
Bronze – Gary Hackworth
4th Place – Svetlin Nachev

Light weight:
Gold – Tim Davis
Silver – Tyler Siska

Gold – Cody Fox
Silver – Svetlin Nachev

Ringen Technical Award: Svetlin Nachev


Gold – Tom Matthews
Silver – Cody Fox
Bronze- Aaron Karnuta
4th – Ben Roberts
Technical Award: Wayne Heinz