Below is a list of workshops that will be offered at the tournament this year. 

American Military Saber As Practiced in the 1700s and 1800s: 
An introduction to the use of the military sabre/sabre or backswords as practiced in the 1700’s and 1800’s. That era saw the sabre used in the US Revolution, the Napoleonic Wars and the American Civil War. First, historical context will be provided along with an examination of the different types blades used by various nations. Followed by instruction in the footwork, guards, cuts and drills as detailed in period manuals. In the last part of the class, those who are ready can participate in coached sparing. Light sparing gear is recommended, including fencing mask, light or medium padded gloves, cup and elbow protection. If you have your own saber of any type, please bring it, but trainers will be available.

Instructor: Adam Simmons, the Phoenix Society of Historical Swordsmanship
Adam started studying swordsmanship seriously in 2005 when he joined the Tattershall School of Defense, in Flagstaff Arizona.  There William Wilson introduced Adam to HEMA through classical Italian sabre and rapier.  He was captivated!  Over the following years of fencing and studying with various organizations and clubs, Adam has added longsword, sidesword, and sword & buckler to his list of specialties.  In 2013, Adam joined the Phoenix Society of Historical Swordsmanship, where he is now an instructor and part of the leadership team.  To back up his credentials, Adam has a growing handful of HEMA tournament metals, particularly in rapier and sword & buckler.  Adam works as an IT Project Manager, mostly to pay for his sword collection and world travels.  

Fencing From Longpoint: Using the Best and Noblest of Guards: This workshop will focus on the things explicitly described about longpoint in the manuals, the defensive use of long point, disengaging and making it difficult for your opponent to score a clean hit on you, the (somewhat limited) offensive use of long point (setting up your opponent for a thrust, follow-ups), counters to longpoint, and counters to counters to longpoint.

Instructor: Clemens Mayer, Bellum Nobile 
Clemens Mayer started fencing in 2008 and has been an instructor at Bellum Nobile in Dusseldorf, Germany since 2012. His study primarily focuses on the early Lichtenauer traditions of longsword.

The Ringen of von Auerswald.

Instructor: Timothy Devlin Hall, Virginia Academy of Fencing 

Breadth and Constraint in Italian Rapier: This workshop will explore the concepts of breadth and constraint in the Italian rapier treatises of Capoferro and Giganti. 

Instructor: Tom Matthews, Krieg School of Historical Fencing, Denver
Tom Matthews currently teaches Italian rapier at Krieg School Denver. He has been teaching fencing since 1987 and teaching rapier at the club since 2015. He also runs Sword Camp, an outdoors adventure camp for children, as well as teaching children’s longsword classes in Boulder, CO.